Studio Pricing






It includes use of the studio, and basic studio equipment. The studio will provide an engineer. We have special pricing for some Studio work. Items such as CD's, DVD's, Multi-track Recorder Fees, Studio Musician Fees, etc. will be extra. Recording may be done by the hourly studio rate or by prepaid block time. Renter responsible for damages.



Studio Produced Music Tracks (SUBJECT TO APPROVAL*):



Pre-Paid Discounted Block Time/Retainer:


Must be paid prior to recording date unless paid by cash in which case it may be paid prior to starting the session. Weekend sessions $100 minimum in advance for most work.


6 Hour Block @ $410.00 = Save $40.00

8 Hour Block @ $545.00 = Save $55.00

10 Hour Block @ $690.00 = Save $60.00

16 Hour Block @ 1,100.00 = Save $100.00

20 Hour Block @ $1,300.00 = Save $200.00

30 Hour Block @ $2,000.00 = Save $250.00

40 Hour Block @ $2650.00 = Save $350.00



Sing-A-Long Prices:


$80.00 per song

Digital Recording with punch-in's, no editing, live mix. & 2 takes max.

(after the Final Mix is done, if punch-in's, re-singing of tracks, editing or remix is requested or required, it will normally be done at the regular studio rate).



Digital Mix/MASTER:


$150.00/Track (MIX)









Scratch Mix:

A Scratch Mix is an initial mix that is usually done to let the customer hear a rough copy of their material. It can sometimes be close to a Final Mix, but usually does not go into as much detail as a Final Mix. (Example: If our studio musician created a music track for someone, he might do a scratch mix for the customer. Since the musician has worked with the customer in creating the song and knows best what the customer is looking for, he can quickly edit the instrument tracks, modifying instrument sounds, fx., EQ, signal processing, levels, etc. to give the customer a good sample of what they are looking for. Sometimes these edits will include some timing and pitch fixes that can approach what would be done in a final mix.)


Final Mix:

Final Mixes take the scratch mix up a notch. Generally they will tweak the work that was done on the scratch mix. Final Mixes usually go into more detail when it comes to timing, pitch, vocal and instrument leveling in the various tracks. Final mixes put a little more polish on the scratch mixes.


Final Master Mixes:

Final Master Mixes are much more detailed mixes. They involve close attention to all of the above. The Scratch Mix & Final Mix are done as quickly as possible to give the average customer a good quality mix at the lowest price. Final Master Mixes can be done at varying levels and more than once depending on the customers budget and to what degree they want their material cleaned up, edited, etc. They usually include

use of mastering software not used in normal final mixes. A Final Master Mix will cost substantially more simply because it takes much longer to do, but it can often take an average sounding song and give it the punch, clarity and dynamics to make it really stand out and have a more professional sound.




*Artist shall submit music and pertinent info to to be considered for original production by Mic Most of Get Live! Musik ( .



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